I’ve been obsessed by the Internet and it’s potential since discovering it in 1991 as a student.
It has provided a really useful lens into thinking about other things I’m interested in like economies, business models, capital markets, neuroscience and design.

I believe that platformification and deverticalisation is happening (and is broadly a good thing).
That we are on a wave of individual empowerment for mutual benefit.
That the internet is enabling new organisational forms that challenge our old notions of hierarchy and order.

I’ve worked with some excellent companies you’ll have heard of: The Economist, The Guardian, BBC, Reuters, Nokia, McKinsey & Co, Sky, BT
I’ve started or helped build smaller companies: esouk.com, 20six, Amisw and several ohers

I spend most of my time helping small tech companies get off the ground. I’m interested in helping them think really hard about what the they really really need to do to be successful (and no more).

And I am an occasional investor in early stage companies including Powerset, True Knowledge, Daylife, Dopplr, Inuk Networks, Zygo Communications & New Energy Finance.

I like taking macro views and then acting on them, so I trade ETFs and options regularly.

A detailed bio is here.

You can contact me at azeem@azhar.co.uk or on 07974 222 583
My IM is 123azeem@googlemail.com
My twitter is azeem


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