Monthly Archives: September 2008

Dopplr announces stage two

Dopplr has announced stage two of its funding which includes a decent roster of angel investors. I was lucky enough to get involved in this round, alongside Esther, Tom, Saul and others. I think Matt and Matt have done a great job at Dopplr. Both are capable of producing a product that is very sympathetic […]

Blood on the tracks

While I was enjoying some of the stars of tomorrow at Seedcamp 08 , the rest of the world was in major meltdown. Following on from last week’s suggestion that we weren’t near the bottom, the market has well a truly spoken: ‘We aren’t’. Today’s grim reading in this 1 day heat map from FinViz. […]

Product and marketing in the start-up

One of the things that surpises me about European tech companies vs Valley ones is the amazing shortage of the discipline of product management in European companies. To me product management is the critical role in a tech company–and sometimes, but not always, the de facto mantle of the CEO. It is also what perform […]

Knife. Falls. Don’t catch.

Yesterday made ugly reading around the world’s market. Are we out of it? Look at this chart . I am no chartist, so take these as words for an amateur. But looking at the length and depth of the 2000-2004 bear market, we can get a sense for how long the cycle lasted last time. […]

Search engines today do what they currently do 100%!

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Mike Arrington is rightly dumbfounded to hear that search is 90% done. Marissa Mayer said as a much to the LA Times. From one perspective–where you look at search and the solution to it as being indexing document and making statistical connections from queries to documents–perhaps the game nearly is […]

Internet still booming! (hurrah)

Telegeography’s latest data shows that Internet traffic even in the mature US market is still growing at 45% per annum, although capacity is growing marginally faster. Most interestingly, growth in traffic is now driven by end user applications, reinforcing the primacy of video. Traffic growth is no longer driven chiefly by gains in broadband penetration, […]

New speed test for bandwidth nerds

Yah. I am a bandwidth nerd. So always delighted to come across a new speed test tool with lots of diagnostics. I introduce the VisualWare speedtest which comes replete with some satisfying technical reports . Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! . Enjoy!

Streaming ups the ante for video

Image via Wikipedia Three different stories showing that streaming is upping the ante for video. Martin points out that streaming is killing p2p. PlusNet’s data shows 170% YoY while P2P downloads are down 8% YOY. Nic points out that Amazon is extending its streaming service to Macs and TV albeit with a hideous price point. […]

Startup collective wisdom: legal fees

Thought it would be useful for start-up entrepreneurs to be able to collectively look at relevant benchmarks for key cost-lines and activities in their business. These benchmarks and the judgement around them normally only come from experience–which is time consuming. So let’s save a little and share our knowledge anonymously. First one up: legal fees […]

Peer through the Johari window

The Johari window is a tool from the world of cognitive psychology to ‘help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships’. I find it quite a useful tool in any sort of group situation. The Johari window is a two-by-two matrix that outlines qualities that you believe you either have or don’t; and that […]