Monthly Archives: July 2008

A moral quandary

Image via WikipediaO blogosphere! Help me with this moral quandary! I have been reading a book which gets into some real detail about urban decay. The book is sold as a factual tale–real people, real places, real incidents–and I am really enjoying it, although only 40 pages in. I decided to dig further into some […]

3G, 2, 1 : iPhone is here…

Just one click away and don’t forget Mobile Me.

Catch a falling knife?

Yesterday’s performance of the financial sector is a worthy reminder that it is rarely worth trying to catch a falling knife via Paul Kedrosky.

How bad is the recession for start-ups?

Image via WikipediaIn Madrid today, a smart guy asked me a question: what will the current economic climate mean for the technology start-up ecosystem? The answer is complex but in a nutshell it should create more opportunities for entrepreneurs than fewer. If you don’t need persuading we are heading for a recession, then skip ahead […]

Congrats to Powerset, acquired by Microsoft

Image by Esthr via FlickrSo it finally happens, after months of speculation Microsoft has acquired Powerset with a view to integrating it within Live Search. As a shareholder of Powerset and a friend of Barney Pell, I am obviously delighted with the result. It is kudos to Barney that as a first-time CEO he has […]