Monthly Archives: February 2009

Why this is a shoddy piece of financial reporting.

As we become more and more interested in financial news, the limits of news organisations to clearly tell the story are being pushed. Picking on this story from the BBC: The number of mortgages lent to house buyers fell last year to its lowest level since 1974, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has said. […]

Calamity, leadership and song: special video edition

Today’s special edition is brought to you by ‘just how close did we get to the world economy shutting down’ : (Sorry for the freak on the first 45 seconds) But then wouldn’t you want to be led by this man? Sully Sullenberger an exercise in leadership and worth the ten minutes it takes. And […]

Kangaroo: a leap in the wrong direction or not?

Farewell Kangaroo. We hardly knew yea’–and I never found your URL. A good decision or a bad one? My dear friend Emily Bell says Killing the Kangaroo project is a perversely stupid move which begs the question whether anyone on the Competition Commission has ever actually used the internet But here is my take: Kangaroo […]