Monthly Archives: December 2008

Low power bulbs just make economic sense. Just.

Image by Jeffrey Simms Photography via Flickr Been looking at my energy bills in the wake of some startlingly high ones and am struggling to do the maths around low-cost bulbs. The basics. Our gas supply is much cheaper than electricity, weighing in 3.6p per kWh for the bulk of our usage compared to 9.7p […]

Kafkaesque-ness can survive 24 years in the wilderness

In my new office trying to organise a phone line. The Kafkaesque-osity of dealing with BT is skull crushing. All calls to BT need to go to an 0800 number–which costs 20p a minute when you call from a mobile. Why would I call that number from a mobile not a landline? Because I don’t […]

How far should the BBC open the iPlayer?

Image via Wikipedia StrategyEye reports that the BBC is to share iPlayer technology with its rivals. In fact the sharing plan goes beyond this–including the use of the iPlayer brand, which BBC has heavily invested in over the past few years: ITV and Channel 4 will rebrand their online VoD services as iPlayer if the […]

Ahtisaari to take new role at Dopplr

My buddy Marko, one of the founders of Blyk and Dopplr, has been elevated to Chief Executive of Dopplr, the social travel network for networked social travellers. More here.

Mmm…this feels like the botto-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m

I wonder does it get worse than this? (Probably).