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People response to incentives, shock and bankers sweep mess under carpet, horror

Don’t blame the tool, blame the incentives says a study on the causes of the debt bubble causing such a headache today, according to a study reported in Reuters. (Hat tip, Alea) “The incentive to expand securitisations was upheld by the fact that the management pay-off was cashed out as a bonus well before the […]

More sagacious advice, or should that be bodacious

Whiner Jerkins All Hands 10/13/08 – Get more Business Plans Tip of the hat to Fred Destin.

Two types of businesses for the downturn

Image by Jeroen Krah via FlickrAs austerity takes over from ostentation, sensible investors are telling their companies to knuckle down and reduce burn. Hat, tip Nic. As I have argued, this is still a time to be looking at building new ventures but what kind of businesses make sense in this environment? I think the […]

Answers vs search today rolled out an ‘answers feature’ which is a long line in innovations they are bringing to the search space. I am a big believer that there is lots more innovation to come in search. In fact, I am deeply involved in True Knowledge which is an open-domain question answering system designed to answer […]

Revisiting the recession for start-ups

Three months ago I asked what the recession would mean for start-ups. Since then, we sort of know what has transpired. The wholesale funding model (which provided an ample supply of credit) has died and VC investment activity and exits have fallen off a cliff. According to Mike Butcher, an 81% decline in M&A activity […]

Wachovia: I don’t think so…

An advert I happened across on the day after Citi bought out Wachovia: