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The once and final move

Ok. Moving onto my own WordPress install. Find the blog here.

Where are all the ads on

I was doing my daily read of and to my amazement struggled to find a single non-house advert. It took several pages views before I saw a block for IBM. Is this how bad things have become?

Why this is a shoddy piece of financial reporting.

As we become more and more interested in financial news, the limits of news organisations to clearly tell the story are being pushed. Picking on this story from the BBC: The number of mortgages lent to house buyers fell last year to its lowest level since 1974, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has said. […]

Calamity, leadership and song: special video edition

Today’s special edition is brought to you by ‘just how close did we get to the world economy shutting down’ : (Sorry for the freak on the first 45 seconds) But then wouldn’t you want to be led by this man? Sully Sullenberger an exercise in leadership and worth the ten minutes it takes. And […]

Kangaroo: a leap in the wrong direction or not?

Farewell Kangaroo. We hardly knew yea’–and I never found your URL. A good decision or a bad one? My dear friend Emily Bell says Killing the Kangaroo project is a perversely stupid move which begs the question whether anyone on the Competition Commission has ever actually used the internet But here is my take: Kangaroo […]

VC in Europe: for the VCs, entrepreneurs or investors?

Congrats to the Balderton team for raising a healthy new fund, chiming in at $430m. This on the back of Accel’s Europe fund which weighed in at $500m. Mike Butcher makes the salient point that the Balderton focus will be much larger deals that the seed deals. And we know the reasons why. Fred Destin’s […]

Counter seasonal social networks

Christmas is normally a quiet time of year for Internet sites. As families sit in and tuck in to telly and turkey, they don’t go usually online. Except that they do if it is social networking. Robin Grant points to facebook usage in the UK over the past year–noticeable spikes of Christmas because this is […]

Low power bulbs just make economic sense. Just.

Image by Jeffrey Simms Photography via Flickr Been looking at my energy bills in the wake of some startlingly high ones and am struggling to do the maths around low-cost bulbs. The basics. Our gas supply is much cheaper than electricity, weighing in 3.6p per kWh for the bulk of our usage compared to 9.7p […]

Kafkaesque-ness can survive 24 years in the wilderness

In my new office trying to organise a phone line. The Kafkaesque-osity of dealing with BT is skull crushing. All calls to BT need to go to an 0800 number–which costs 20p a minute when you call from a mobile. Why would I call that number from a mobile not a landline? Because I don’t […]

How far should the BBC open the iPlayer?

Image via Wikipedia StrategyEye reports that the BBC is to share iPlayer technology with its rivals. In fact the sharing plan goes beyond this–including the use of the iPlayer brand, which BBC has heavily invested in over the past few years: ITV and Channel 4 will rebrand their online VoD services as iPlayer if the […]