Kafkaesque-ness can survive 24 years in the wilderness

In my new office trying to organise a phone line. The Kafkaesque-osity of dealing with BT is skull crushing.
All calls to BT need to go to an 0800 number–which costs 20p a minute when you call from a mobile. Why would I call that number from a mobile not a landline? Because I don’t have one.
Engineer was due to turn up last week during a four hour window. Forty minutes after this window closed, I get a call telling me the engineer can’t make it. A new appointment is rescheduled a week later. Half way through the window with no sign of the engineer, I chase up. Bt’s web site doesn’t track my order (‘There was an error’).
Wanted to avoid a huge phone bill, I use BT’s useless (but polite) live chat service. I don’t think I could have been more clear about the issue, and I don’t think BT could have been more polite and unhelpful.

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So here I am on hold, £4.40 down the pan trying to track down a BT ReachAround engineer.Twenty four years since liberalisation and it is still like navigating Sir Humphrey’s worst obfuscanandum.

Update: Engineer came. He was really friendly, polite, professional and installed new line in 15 minutes.


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