Covestor ranks me

Received a mail from Covestor telling me I had reached the top of their rankings–a very pleasant surprise.

Out of the tens of thousands of investors, I have ended up number 18 on the top list by Sharpe ratio (a measure of risk adjusted returns.) Now admittedly I have only been sending Covestor data for a few months, but I’m pleased. By comparison, it isn’t bad but it is well below their number 1 player, Timothy Sykes.

perfThis image shows my performance vs S&P 500.

All the better, I feel, since July was a super-sucky month for all types of assets. The Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index was down -2.31%. The Ftse 100 was down 3.8% and the MSCI World Equity was down -2.53%. S&P 500 was down 0.84%

My tips for anyone in this choppy up-and-down market: use a cheap brokerage (like Thinkorswim), it encourages you to get out quickly since transaction costs are low. Understand technicals so you can time entry, because assets are bouncing around. Take your profits quickly and cut losses fast.

Kudos to my friend Perry for making Covestor as enticing as it is.

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