So quite excited by the launch of Swivel, since as a data head and being the guy who wished he’d invented the TrixieTracker, I can see exactly why this is interesting.


So many activities are defined by their data and we’re probably increasing data junkies.  Five years ago, who would have thought that millions of people would analyse the log-files of their computers on a weekly or daily basis?

You could  imagine social networks emerging around data models–like training schedules for the London marathon. 

Or finally an easy way for non-designers to weave cute looking charts into their blogs.

Swivel seems to batch process uploaded data, a process which is quaintly called ‘swivelling’ but it is batch processing in my book, and in it’s current state has failed to process my data at all. (I’ve uploaded it three times using two different methods.)

The immediate result is that I can’t tell you exactly what the correlation between the Google and Apple stock price is, except it seems to be high.  This is an analytic Swivel seems to run automatically.

Nor can I really tell you how well Swivel works.  This is much harder to do properly than video for the masses.

I’ll return to Swivel and it’s beautiful graphs when it actually starts work. In the mean time, here is one they prepared earlier:


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