I am back

Just what the world needs. Another blog.

So I am back after an 18 month hiatus during which time a lot happened, most excitingly this chap, who is now being hilarious.

I started blogging in early 2000 using a tool called Pyra. We actually used Pyra as a project management tool for a few companies I was involved in. In took me a while to figure our what Pyra was about. Those blogs, I occasionally find them we used extensively as what came to be known as k-logs. So from the depths of the archives (with apologies that some links don’t work as these were orignally hosted within a firewall) a blog on the UK incubator market from 2000. (Yes–there was such a think as the UK incubator market in 2000).

My on-again–off-again blogging continued here, reaching the dizzying heights of 2,000 visits a day in 2003. It featured war-porn (here, here and ultimately this), open-source outside of software (BBC Public License | other stuff) and some really worthy shit.

I hope to be more interesting this time round.


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